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Take Steps to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind and Watch Everything Change Around you…

As you know, I believe that unblocking the subconscious mind and releasing limiting beliefs are both imperative and essential to achieving your goals. Whether they are health, business, love, family or beauty based goals, I cannot stress enough the importance of feeling worthy of achieving them to your core.

Manifestation is no longer a woo-woo topic, we have all at least heard of it and I think it is a beautiful way to work towards your goals. There are two key components that are directly linked to truly manifesting your desires.

  1. Taking Action. A lot of people watched The Secret years ago and walked away skeptical because it seemed like all you had to do was close your eyes and think about driving a sports car and then Voila! You owned one… But what is lacking from that is fairly obvious, taking action. If you don’t take intentional, tangible steps towards your goals, it is very difficult for the universe to bring you opportunities. Without allowing space for them to come in, giving source, the universe, (whatever you would like to call it) something to work with, you will just end up sitting in your room and wondering why nothing is happening.

  2. Truly Believing You Deserve the Desire. Similar to the above and they go hand in hand as if you’re not taking steps towards something, generally you’re not going to logically believe you deserve it. But there are so many inner child based fears and beliefs that we unconsciously believe to our core and if we don’t unblock them, no matter how much we meditate or how much action we take, we don’t truly feel worthy of our desire which keeps pushing it just out of reach.

I fully believe (because I have witnessed so many clear examples) that when you work on removing any doubt in your conscious and subconscious mind to the point where you know that you deserve what you have set out to achieve or possess, it opens pathways you couldn’t see before, opportunities that you never expected to occur and usually from completely unexpected sources.

It feels like magic… maybe it is? Maybe it’s neuroplasticity, maybe it’s even deeper than that?

One day we will know exactly why this happens and I think we’re only scratching the surface with the research that has already uncovered some incredible findings! But the fact remains that we have blinders on when we don’t feel worthy and therefore aren’t open to the possibilities and opportunities that are always there.

Years ago, I realized the power of techniques like EFT tapping and Psych K along with meditation, affirmations and mirror work when it came to manifesting my desires.

Before, I would work as hard as I possibly could both on my health and life, believing that some invisible person was getting up 30 minutes earlier than I was and going home an hour later. Someone, somewhere is working harder than me so I better push myself to exhaustion or I’ll never get what I want. This is taking action in a toxic way. Like most negative and limiting beliefs, this was learned from my childhood and I had never worked through it properly. I had never actually experienced a direct example in my life of someone working “smart” and achieving the same results with less output.

So, I didn’t truly believe that I deserved anything that I was aiming to have. I could say that I did, I could even sometimes rationalize that I had worked so hard for it so therefore it’s only fair that I get rewarded, but still I didn’t fully believe it to my core. And so, even when I achieved something, I was terrified it would be taken from me and I just worked even harder to try and keep it.

Inevitably burnout occurred...

I rested for as long as I could handle and then started reading as much as I could about why I felt blocked and found that, the missing link from my manifestation practice was that; my own subconscious didn’t believe a word that I was saying to myself.

I then discovered EFT tapping and then Psych K and everything changed. Once I introduced these beautiful modalities into my practice, I worked far less and achieved far more. I started feeling health benefits from this too due to allowing myself to rest. I was focusing on sleep and lowering my cortisol instead of working long hours and seeing even more productivity!

So naturally, being obsessed with health, wellness and beauty. I was instantly curious if these same techniques could be used for self-worth, beauty and well-being. And sure enough, of course it can.

The same theory applies; if you don’t fully believe that you are beautiful, if you have limiting beliefs that you have picked up throughout your life around self-worth, aging, beauty standards, your body and everything else that our family, the media, social media, (basically everything that we consume on a daily basis) your beauty rituals, healthy habits and skin care practices will be held back through self-sabotage, and whatever your brain can convince you to do to remain “safe”.

I studied to become an EFT Practitioner and started writing my own tapping sessions around beauty, aging, self-worth and self love. The results were incredible! I found myself feeling more confident in social situations, which has always been an issue for me. I started catching myself looking in the mirror and noticing beautiful aspects I hadn’t before, my entire mood was lifted and I have been doing this ever since.

EFT Tapping is one of the four tools that I am including in the Beauty Essentials Toolkit and definitely one of my favorite practices when it comes to working on self-limiting beliefs, mental health, stress, resetting the nervous system and so much more.



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