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What if I told you that your beliefs don’t just shape your reality…

They cause your brain to send chemical messages to your cells, which in turn take actions that can manifest into all sorts of physical symptoms and even behaviors.

Hear me out…

We’ve all been there, sitting in front of the mirror, getting ready for a party or a social event. You might be applying makeup, skin care, doing a beauty routine with a Gua Sha or using a beauty tool. These are all practices that are meant to help us look beautiful… But we’re missing a hugely integral point, what are we feeling?

If you’re like most people, (and definitely myself in the past), you’re doing these exercises and likely looking at your flaws and thinking thoughts like, “they’re all going to notice this scar no matter what I do” or “where did that pimple come from? All I do is skin care!”. Your brain is hearing these negative thoughts and you are beginning to feel anxious about the party. Your brain starts sending messages to your body, your heart rate increases, your cortisol levels and other stress hormones are triggered.

This is just one or two thoughts that you’ve had in a split second, imagine the amount of negative thoughts we have throughout the day…

When we are focusing on what we don't like about ourselves and especially if we are speaking these negative thoughts about our perceived flaws out loud, our brain is always listening and learning. Chemically mirroring what we believe internally about ourselves and our life, even if those beliefs are unconscious.

Once these beliefs are ingrained, we tend to notice these flaws even more. This is a phenomenon known as the 'Red Car Theory', once our attention is drawn to focus on something (a red car) we are far more likely to notice red cars all around us. Let's not make our perceived flaws like a red car okay?

Any doctor will tell you that stress causes the majority of all illnesses. This has also been taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. When our body is stressed, it stops functioning healthily and this affects the way we look by manifesting as unhealthy skin, flare ups, rashes, acne, bloating, puffiness, inflammation, fluid retention, hair loss and thinning and even causes us to appear less fertile and therefore less attractive to others on an unconscious level.

Okay, enough with the doom and gloom… How do we work on this?

There are incredibly powerful techniques that can help us to reprogram our subconscious beliefs that, if paired with a lot of the beauty rituals and practices that I share, can truly bring incredible results. Practices like meditation, hypnosis, visualization, EFT Tapping, Affirmations, Mirror Work, Psych K and so many more beautiful practices but these are just my favorite!

Neuroscience tells us that an hour of focus a day, can double the amount of new connections in the brain. So if we spend that hour training our brain to think and feel positive, we can literally rewire the synaptic connections that represent limiting beliefs about ourselves and our life and at the same time, by creating new, positive connections that can alter not just how we feel, but how we behave and react to situations in our life.

I always pair this work with positive action. Choosing to witness the beauty around me and physically step into my ideal life and body as often as I can. Everyday, there are multiple opportunities to either do this, or choose the opposite.

I go into exactly how to implement these techniques into your beauty routine in the Beauty Essentials Toolkit .



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